Boston’s Democrat Mayor Makes Joke About Race

( )- The Boston City Council last week voted to limit picketing in residential areas to between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.

The new ordinance was proposed at the urging of Boston’s racist mayor, Michelle Wu after people began showing up at her home to protest her COVID vaccine mandate for city employees.

Wu claimed the protests around her home were harassment and demanded the city council pass an ordinance restricting them. The protesters, however, say the ordinance is a violation of their First Amendment Rights.

City Councilor Frank Baker opposed the measure, calling it “totally wrong.” He said the city council was changing the rules just to satisfy one person’s demands.

When she filed the ordinance last month, Mayor Wu praised Boston’s “strong legacy of activism” and said it was important to democracy to “uphold and protect the ability to speak out and advocate fiercely.” Then she added a “But.”

“But in a moment of divided national politics,” the mayor said, “we can’t normalize the harassment and hate spilling over into our communities.”

What bothered Wu about the protests against her COVID vaccine mandate was they weren’t “inclusive” or “empowering.”

The city councilors who voted for the measure claim that it isn’t just to stop protesters from showing up at Mayor Wu’s house. It would apply to all residential areas.

Sure it does.

But we all know why the ordinance was put in place.

She’s only been in office a few short months and already Mayor Michelle Wu has found herself creating controversy by pissing off her constituents.

After she appeared at Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, Wu faced blowback for complaining about having to deal with problems that are “expensive, disruptive, and white.”