Boebert’s Estranged Husband Asks For Understanding After Incident

The husband of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has come to her defense following an incident at a Denver theater where the Congresswoman’s actions during a “Beetlejuice” performance led to her removal.

In a Monday Facebook post, Jayson Boebert appealed to the public, “Please show compassion and understanding towards Lauren during these challenging times. Everyone deserves an opportunity for redemption and to rebuild trust. I’ve unintentionally hurt her in various ways, but I believe she’ll emerge stronger, as she always does. I am determined to do the same.”

Last week, Lauren Boebert and an accompanying male were asked to leave a Denver theater during the show due to disruptive behaviors, including vaping, singing, and using flash photography. Reports from the venue indicate the duo initially resisted departure, even after staff considered involving law enforcement. The Congresswoman gestured offensively to the security personnel as she was being led out.

The Denver Post was the first to report the incident. Initially, a representative for Lauren Boebert refuted claims of her vaping, but subsequent video evidence has shown otherwise.
The Boeberts, who wed in 2006, began divorce proceedings this past May, pointing to “irreconcilable differences.”

In his recent message, Jayson lauded Lauren as an outstanding “wife, mother, and now grandmother.” Acknowledging his mistakes, he stated, “I bear full responsibility for my past actions and deeply regret how they’ve affected our marriage.” He expressed distress over misconceptions suggesting she left him for fame or a changed lifestyle, asserting this isn’t the case.

Addressing Lauren directly, he wrote, “You’re a beacon of dedication, selflessness, and love. It pains me to see the criticism you’re facing, and I recognize my role in it. You deserve better.”

Responding to the public’s reaction to the theater incident, Lauren Boebert expressed her remorse and later acknowledged her mistake in denying the vaping claim.
She posted on Facebook, “The recent events have been humbling. I genuinely apologize for the unnecessary spotlight my actions have cast. I never intended harm, but I recognize and deeply regret the impact of my behavior.”

Speaking with TMZ on Monday, she mentioned, “I’ve decided to refrain from future date nights. My primary goal is to serve and alleviate the voters’ concerns, so it’s heavy on my heart when they carry mine.” In a light-hearted comment, she mentioned her lesson learned, “Always know the political leanings before dating,” possibly alluding to reports that her theater companion was a Democrat.