Bodycam Footage Reveals Cop’s Disgraceful Conduct

Reports say that a police officer in Michigan arrived at a crime scene while visibly impaired by alcohol. He was vomiting, staggering, and flailing his revolver about.

On February 17, police from four surrounding municipalities rushed to Gibraltar after reports of gunfire. A police investigation revealed that Flat Rock Sergeant Brian Tetreau came to the scene wearing Crocs and smelling strongly of alcohol.

K-9 officer Tetreau and his canine partner arrived just after 6 o’clock that evening. The body cam film shows him getting out of his black SUV and hunting for the shooters.
The officer drove to a crime scene drunk and swinging his pistol about, yet he was not disciplined or fired. The other police officers did not give Brian Tetreau a breathalyzer test despite the fact that they could smell alcohol on his breath.

He shouted, “Anyone inside this building, you’re going be bit!” as he let his dog loose inside. He drew his weapon and aimed it towards a nearby crawl area.

According to reports, Tetreau answered the call while off-duty and after having consumed alcohol earlier in the day.

When WXYZ requested public documents related to the inquiry, Flat Rock refused to provide them. The mayor was lobbied, and the news station reportedly got a severely censored version of the story.

An email chain between the mayor, the police chief, and a civilian who observed the event was reportedly among the details deleted from the investigative report. According to the uncensored version of the email, Tetreau threw up again before stumbling on another officer.

Tetreau’s license was taken away for a week, but no criminal charges or breathalyzer results emerged from the incident.

Flat Rock Police Chief Jerry Page characterized Tetreau’s actions as “the absolute definition of Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer.”

The City of Flat Rock might be subject to civil liability due to your conduct, which I would rather avoid at all costs.