Bodybuilder Shot Dead By Police

( )- Shocking footage of a bodybuilder being shot in the head by a police officer has been revealed.

The incident happened in a vacation lodge in Muldersdrift, South Africa. 54-year-old father of two Len Cloete was confronted by four armed officers at the lodge after engaging in an altercation with staff at the venue.

News reports suggest that the man had argued with the managers of Misty Hills Country Hotel after the room reserved for him and his wife Chantal was not ready when they arrived.

In the footage, the man can be seen shouting “shoot me! Shoot me!” at the police officers while wearing only underpants.

According to police sources, the man had been offered a full refund and asked to leave, but refused to. That’s when the South African Police turned up to deal with him.

Cloete, the owner of the Vo2 Max Fitness Centre in Pretoria confronted the police officers who asked him to pack his things and leaves. He walks away from the officers only to ask his wife, “where’s my gun?”

A police officer told him that he was “playing dangerous” when he cocked the gun, to which he responded, “Who’s playing dangerous? You f*cking coward. Come on!”

Cloete continues to verbally abuse and threaten the police officers before grabbing the female officer’s gun and shouting, “I’m not asking how or if or when or what, take that gun, shoot me, shoot me!”

A male police officer then pulled out a firearm and fired a single shot into his head, causing him to collapse to the ground. He is now reportedly fighting for his life in hospital.

Cloete’s wife can be heard shouting that her husband is “dead” in the video.

The altercation is believed to have occurred around midnight on Saturday.

You can view the footage by clicking here.