Body Language Expert Says ISIS Bride Faked Being Sad

( )- A British “body language expert” examined the gestures and expressions from 2019 footage of the infamous “ISIS bride” and has determined that she lied about having renounced her support for ISIS.

Cliff Lansley, the “body language expert” reviewed Shamima Begum’s reactions to learning that she would be stripped of her UK citizenship and determined that her gestures and expressions revealed that she was still loyal to ISIS, despite her attempts to play the victim.

Reviewing several 2019 interviews in which Begum claimed she no longer supported the Islamic terrorist group and wanted to come back to the UK, Lansley noted her micro-facial expressions and subtle body movements indicate that she is lying.

When she was fifteen years old, Begum traveled to Syria with two friends and became an ISIS bride. Four years later with a baby in tow, she tried to return to the UK, claiming that she had renounced ISIS. During the battle to regain her citizenship, Begum became a cause célèbre with many praising her courage and bravery for escaping ISIS.

But Lansley believes her contradictory body language betrays that narrative. From how she raises her shoulders to the movement of her eyes and mouth, Lansley determined that Begram has no confidence in the claims she is making. Instead, he suggests Begram is exercising “image management.”

Lansley argues that Begram is creating an image of being harmless and sad, but her subtle movements and gestures give the game away. He said, rather than genuine sadness, Begram is forcing her face into a pout. Genuine sadness, Lansley explains, shows up in facial expressions using different muscles than Begram used. Her purpose was to generate sympathy by giving the image of sadness, and it was no more genuine than a child pouting.

Watch two clips from Lansley’s presentation HERE and HERE.