Body Found in Texas Man’s Home Might Belong to Ex Missing for 25 Years

This April, the police finally got a lead linking Terry Rose to Kimberly Langwell’s murder after years of dead ends.

Beaumont Police believe they have found the remains of Langwell, who has been missing for nearly 25 years, after searching the home and property of Rose, who they say killed her and buried her at his home.

Kimberly Langwell, 34 years old, was last seen leaving her place of employment just after 5 p.m. on July 9, 1999. She called her young daughter to inform her that she would be returning home for supper at around 6:30 p.m., having seen her ex-partner Terry Rose at his Beaumont home. Around 10:30 p.m., a drugstore employee discovered Langwell’s car, cell phone, and other personal belongings that she had left there. But her wallet and car keys had vanished.

The night Rose disappeared, a credible source said in a probable cause affidavit, he murdered Langwell in his house and buried her body on his land. 

Tiffani McInnis, who is Langwell’s daughter, said she always thought her mother never left Rose’s home.

In order to formally establish the identification of the remains, investigators are still awaiting DNA findings. Nevertheless, they are glad that Langwell’s family may now find closure and have voiced their confidence that the cold case has been solved.

At Friday’s news conference, Police Chief Jimmy Singletary praised the officers’ decades-long dedication to the case and the extraordinary nature of the investigation.

According to an announcement made on the website of Equusearch, a nonprofit group that organizes volunteer search and recovery efforts, ground-penetrating radar technologies allowed the volunteers to pinpoint an area of interest upon their arrival immediately. Skeletal bones were discovered.

McInnis told reporters on Friday that she hopes Rose will be sentenced to life in prison. 

On Friday, a bail of $1 million was issued for Rose.