Bodies of US Missionary Couple Killed in Haiti Returned to Family

On May 31st, relatives in Missouri received the remains of a young American missionary couple who were murdered in Haiti’s capital by terroristic gang members.

Missouri State Representative Ben Baker, who is Natalie Lloyd’s father, said on social media that two of the fatalities were a young couple named Davy and Natalie Lloyd. Another casualty was Jude Montis, head of Missions In Haiti Inc.

Baker wrote that his heart was broken into a thousand pieces. He explained that his daughter and son-in-law, Davy and Natalie Lloyd, were full-time Haitian missionaries. They were murdered when gangs assaulted them. They arrived in Heaven together. 

The week prior, the married couple and a Haitian male they collaborated with were leaving a youth group event at a church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  They were ambushed by gang members, who then opened fire, killing all three.

Murderous gangs in Port-au-Prince assassinated Judes Montis, a director at the missionary where the Lloyds were employed.

As the nation’s capital fell into disarray, the killings have continued, and now the Caribbean nation is waiting for a Kenyan police force to arrive from Africa as part of a U.N.-supported mission to end gang violence.

For most of his childhood, Davy Lloyd resided in Haiti. He and two sisters were abducted when he was five years old. He was let go the next day. Having spent his formative years in Haiti, Davy was an exemplary missionary who saw firsthand the hardships endured by the Haitian people.

The Lloyds relocated to Haiti in 2023 to serve at the mission after graduating from college in Missouri and being married in 2022.

The obituary for Natalie Lloyd said that she had a kind nature. At the mission’s orphanage, she formed an attachment to the children. Natalie loved the children at the Haitian orphanage with all her heart. 

At this time, it has not been determined which gang was behind the deadly killings.