BLM Is Mad Because Shot Cops Are Treated Like Heroes

( )- After a police officer was shot and wounded in Washington DC over the weekend, the DC chapter of Black Lives Matter whined and complained about the media coverage, claiming the media always portrays police officers as heroes.

On Sunday, a DC Metro Police officer was approaching a suspicious person in the Petworth neighborhood in Northwest DC when the person pulled out a gun and fired. The officer was shot, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The suspect was at large and police were canvassing the area.

Responding to a thread reporting on the incident and the search for the suspect, the DC Black Lives Matter Twitter account sarcastically replied that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions until all they had all the information, then added “isn’t that what y’all tell us.”

In its reply, the group dismissed the fact that the suspect had a gun, implying that he was carrying a gun to protect himself from armed police. Then BLM DC asked if the media would list every mistake the suspect made “since kindergarten.”

But they weren’t done.

The BLM DC chapter accused the DC Metro police of murdering Eric Carter in September. Carter had attacked his brother with a handgun at the time he was killed. But naturally, BLM still thinks he was “murdered.”

Then BLM DC blasted the media’s coverage of Sunday’s shooting for showing “tear jerker press conferences” and claiming the police are heroes.

The group closed its screed by claiming that being black in Washington DC “is more dangerous than any job” and linked to its “#StopMPD” campaign on its website. This “#StopMPD” campaign accuses Washington DC of being an “occupied police state” that “never meant to protect” black people.

It looks like DC Mayor Muriel Bowser painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on a street near the White House and naming a street after BLM did nothing to appease these guys.