Black Lives Matter Activist Gets Punished After Selling Footage To CNN

( )- On the evening of January 6, CNN invited on John Earle Sullivan, a supposed “independent journalist,” to discuss what he saw during the Capitol melee earlier in the day. But it turns out he wasn’t an independent journalist at all. Instead, Sullivan, a Black Lives Matter activist, was not covering the melee; he was participating in it.

Sullivan, a Utah native, is the founder of the far-Left extremist group Insurgence USA which, according to the Justice Department, promotes and glorifies violent protests.

Not surprisingly, days after his appearance on CNN, Sullivan was arrested for “knowingly and willfully” participating in illegal conduct when he breached the Capitol. On video of the melee, Sullivan can be heard encouraging rioters to burn it down.

He is facing eight criminal counts, including a weapons charge, relating to his involvement in the riot on January 6. And this past week, Federal authorities seized from the BLM agitator $90,000 he made by selling his footage from the melee.

Among the video shot by Sullivan on January 6 was footage of the fatal shooting of unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt.

Though the names of the news outlets listed on the seizure warrant were redacted, it is known that both CNN and NBC paid Sullivan $35,000 each for his recordings.

Despite a sworn affidavit that Sullivan has no press credentials and the investigation has failed to find any connection between him and any news organization, Sullivan’s attorney maintains that he is “legitimately self-employed as a documentarian.”

A “documentarian” who is heard on video shouting “Let’s burn this sh*t down!”

According to Julie Kelly from American Greatness, who has extensively reported on the January 6 melee and the arrests stemming from it, more than 400 people have been arrested during the DOJ’s national manhunt, and dozens of them are being held without bail until their court dates. At least fifty of them were transferred from their home state to a DC jail to await their trial.

Sullivan however, who is heard on the video of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting yelling “Go! Go! Go! Get this sh*t!” was released to his home just days after his arrest.