Bill Maher Pushes Back On Hollywood Star Over Election Scandal

The epidemic was just one of many topics of conversation on “Club Random,” which featured legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone on comedian Bill Maher’s podcast.

Stone said that people were being coerced into getting the COVID-19 vaccination by the Biden administration, while Maher pivoted and said that Trump is more terrifying since he thinks elections only matter if he wins, and he has still not conceded that he lost his last presidential bid.

That is when Stone started questioning the integrity of the 2020 Biden victory and didn’t buy the notion that Biden could receive 81 million votes.

Maher treated Stone like he was a loon and said the election was not rigged since Republicans challenged it in sixty courts and were laughed out of each one, even by Republican judges.

Stone told Maher he was simply “asking questions” about what he felt were some implausibilities with the election.

According to Maher, the proponents of the 2020 election saying that it was a “fair and secure” election include prominent Republicans, including Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, and Liz Cheney.

Ever since the release of the political biopic Snowden in 2016, Stone’s alleged support for Russia has sparked heated controversy. His two films about John F. Kennedy, which he framed as a conspiratorial figure, were critically panned. His overly gushing films about Vladimir Putin (The Putin Tapes) and Fidel Castro (The Castro Tapes) have been his most contentious works.

The director’s anti-Ukraine and pro-Russian documentary Ukraine on Fire is just one example of how Stone’s backing of Putin has seeped throughout his career. Although Stone’s allegations about American-Ukraine laboratories in Ukraine and their possible involvement with COVID-19 have been disproven, he made them during the Club Random interview. The director’s views on COVID didn’t end there; he also expressed doubt about the existence of vaccinations and that he would rather have Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as president than Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

Recalling his vote for Joe Biden, legendary director Oliver Stone expressed remorse in July, expressing concern that the president may lead the United States into a third world war. He insisted that Biden has ill will against the former Soviet Union and views the Russian Federation—which is not communist—through the lens of Biden’s anti-Soviet ideology.

He also said that Americans tend to oversimplify the problem by focusing on a Russian invasion of Ukraine.