Bill Maher Is Standing Up Against The “Woke” Radical Left At His Own Risk

( )- Bill Maher has become America’s most influential and intriguing political voice by fearlessly confronting the excesses of cultural and political progressivism. Republicans might want to celebrate when we agree with him, but his genuine worth to the country is giving Americans the truth they don’t want to hear.

As someone who does not share Maher’s views or worldview, who finds his acerbic attitude towards conservatives condescending, and who detests his joyful godlessness and drug usage, it says a lot about where we are as a society when it is brutally evident that he is popular. Maher is the most influential political speaker in 2022.

Maher’s power isn’t in his eloquence, oratory, or journalism. He is foremost a comedian. Humor coats his concepts. He lampoons, ridicules, caricatures, parodies, and satirizes better than anybody. Maher is a master at presenting profound ideas via humor, as Aristophanes did during the Golden Age of Athens.

It helps because he’s older and doesn’t care whether internet crowds cancel, call him out, or criticize him. Maher has done the American people a great service by speaking out loud what many of us are thinking- that we’re becoming an unreasonable, disagreeable, and intolerant culture. His snappy and comic witticisms provide a release valve for those of us with traditional ideas who scratch our brains when we hear males can have kids, socialism is better than unrestrained capitalism, or defunding the police would aid the poor.

Maher’s uber-liberal Hollywood crowd will wonder, “Is it right to cheer for this?”—as he fearlessly expresses what 90% of us are feeling.

Maher has always backed the American Right, but he thinks it needs some truth serum.

The Democratic Party is at its finest when it campaigns for working-class Americans whose lives could be improved with government aid, either through better regulations, a more comprehensive societal safety net, or policies meant to ease the disparities from a free market.

Maher’s Friday night critiques show how detached the new Left is from its historical message and reality. He argues that the Democratic Party has abandoned its traditional statement and constituency in favor of “awakened” identity politics.

In the last two years, he’s taken on the self-loathing liberal’s conceit, the phoniness of pseudo-environmentalism, and the dogmatic absolutism of those police social media for offenders to punish or cancel.

Because good intentions are expected, a family member or colleague must sometimes call out foolishness. Both parties benefit from truth-tellers. Maher is admired for his truthfulness.