Bill Gates “Deep Fake” Video Is Spreading Online 

( )- A recent contentious and awkward Bill Gates video has gone viral. 

The journalist in the video asks him some probing questions. The interviewer boldly claims that Gates has stolen Microsoft software and is peddling COVID-19 vaccinations to earn billions of dollars. Gates starts to get agitated, and the session is cut short.  

The problem with this video is that it is produced with the help of DeepFake software.  

The original video featuring Gates was posted on the YouTube channel of ABC News (Australia) on January 31, 2023, and included questions from viewers about global warming, COVID-19 conspiracy theories, the emergence of AI, and other topics.  

Using search terms related to the topics discussed, skeptics could locate the original video of the interview published on the YouTube channel of ABC News (Australia) on January 31, 2023. 

Sarah Ferguson interviews Bill Gates in this video; the two are dressed identically to when the first video went viral. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are used in deep fake technology to produce realistic-looking and sounding fake media. These synthetic media are made to seem authentic by training algorithms on massive amounts of preexisting data, which may include photographs, movies, and audio recordings. The resultant material may influence or mislead audiences by making it look as if a person has said or done something they have not.  

A recent video purporting to show Senator Elizabeth Warren suggesting Republicans should not be allowed to vote fabricated using an interview She gave to MSNBC. The footage was debunked by PolitiFact, a nonprofit fact-checking organization run by the Poynter Institute. Recently, it has become popular on social media to share fake speeches attributed to Vice President Joe Biden, in which he supposedly discusses topics like hip-hop, drugs, and video games. Yet other people are exploiting it to promote false information, like a deep fake video of Biden insulting transgender people. 

Along with cyber hacking, creating deep fakes that can sway public opinion and interfere with our elections is becoming a national security risk.