Bill Gates Admits Quietly Targeting “Disinformation” Online

( )- While visiting Australia last week, billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted that he would complain to tech companies about online “misinformation” about him.

During an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation last Monday, Gates railed against “evil theories” that cropped up during the pandemic in which both he and Dr. Anthony Fauci were often targeted.

When asked by ABC’s Sarah Ferguson about the claim that he was using the vaccine to control people, Gates said he probably should “complain even more” than he did about the “evil theories,” but added that he would “point out false stories” when they were published, even pointing out when people highlighted “sort of almost silly misinformation.”

Ferguson noted that Gates has previously said that “digital polarization” is one of the things that is “holding back progress,” and asked what approach he thinks we should take to manage information.

Gates said he didn’t have a “magic solution” for misinformation, noting that each country has its own laws and approaches.

Ferguson also hit Gates about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, pointing out that an issue that “dogged” Gates’ relationship with his ex-wife Melinda was his ties to the convicted pedophile. Ferguson asked Gates if he regrets his relationship with Epstein “against Melinda’s advice and wishes.”

Gates dismissed Ferguson’s question as going “way back in time,” adding “for the over a hundredth time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him.”

But Ferguson wasn’t finished, noting that Epstein “had a way of sexually compromising” people and asking if that was what his ex-wife had warned him about.

Gates said it wasn’t and reiterated that all he did was have dinner with Epstein. He said there had never been “any relationship of any kind.”