Bill Gates’ Accidentally Caused A Collapse Of Free Speech With His Latest Push

( )- In an interview on Breitbart News Daily, former Trump State Department diplomat Mike Benz discussed the Gates Foundation’s network of leftwing organizations that are waging a censorship war against Tesla CEO Elon Musk over his promoting Free Speech on Twitter.

Benz is the founder of the new anti-censorship organization The Foundation for Freedom Online. This is the organization that supplied Breitbart News with the data it used in an explosive report last week on how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding almost half of the organizations currently targeting Musk.

In his interview with Breitbart’s Alex Marlow, Benz warned that Bill Gates is funding “a veritable Pandora’s Box of proxies” that are all pushing for censorship.

He said hate speech now encompasses such things as building a border wall or opposing critical race theory. Benz said this expanded definition of hate speech is a censorship tactic he describes as “inflation, conflation, elimination.”

Those looking to promote censorship don’t target a specific thing. Instead, they target a “proxy” by conflating the proxy with the specific thing. Then they try to eliminate the proxy by claiming the proxy is the same as the specific thing that should be censored.

For example, you want to censor racism. But instead of targeting racism, you target “conservatives” as a proxy for racism by claiming conservatives are racist, therefore conservatives should be censored.

Listen to the full interview HERE.