Bill Barr Admits He’s Surprised Trump Didn’t Lose By More Votes

( )- Former attorney general Bill Barr is still promoting his latest book, speaking to every media outlet he can find to trash the work done by the Trump administration…presumably in the hope that he may be treated a little more kindly by the mainstream press.

Speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Barr said that he was “surprised” that former President Donald Trump didn’t lose by a bigger margin in the 2020 presidential election. Barr reiterated his unsubstantiated claim that the 2020 presidential election was not influenced by fraud and misconduct and that Trump was wrong to initiate investigations and legal efforts to prevent Biden from being inaugurated.

“I think he actually, at the time of the election, thought he won the election,” Barr told NBC. “If there was a plan to stay in office, it’s something that materialized after the election. I saw no sign of a plan before the election to stay in office regardless of the outcome.”

What Barr didn’t seem to realize is that, given that there was no plan to “stay in office” before the election, then Trump wasn’t planning a “coup” after all. The president was simply responding to credible reports of election fraud and misconduct that occurred in swing states all over the country.

Chuck Todd, the host of the show, claimed without evidence that Trump was “sowing the seeds for years” and that he had previously accused Ted Cruz of cheating in the caucuses – despite the Cruz issue being long-resolved.

It prompted Barr to claim that, in 2016, both Republicans and Democrats were accusing the other side of cheating.

I went in in April and told him I thought he was going to lose the election. His personal behavior, obnoxious behavior, was turning voters away, and I felt he was going to lose. I was actually surprised it was as close as it was,” Barr added.

There was a time when Republicans may have considered Barr a credible contender for the presidential nomination.

Probably not now…