Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Championed Advocates Of Critical Race Theory In Lectures, Speeches

( )- Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick is a Critical Race Theorist who is likely more an activist than a jurist.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the sort of person who will pepper her lexicon with a word like “microaggression.” That’s a dog whistle. That is comfort food for the left.

Biden vowed to nominate a black woman to SCOTUS, fulfilling some sort of quota rather than searching for a qualified candidate of any stripe. He kept his promise by choosing a woman whose legal philosophy could fit on a single placard at a BLM protest.

Jackson currently sits on the D.C. Court of Appeals and is in line to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, a man who leans left but who conservatives may long for if Jackson is confirmed.

The Senate previously confirmed Jackson for her spot on the D.C. Court of Appeals by 53-44 on June 14, 2021. She enjoyed the support of Democrats and Republican squishes- Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

At the time, Graham showed concern for Jackson’s judicial philosophy before voting for her, allowing her to climb the judicial food chain. In typical Graham fashion, Graham was horrified by Jackson’s nomination, calling it a pick of the “radical Left,” even while greasing the skids on her road to SCOTUS by confirming her every step of the way.

Jackson has spoken positively about Critical Race Theory and its disciples and stated that progressive theory informs her legal analysis. Jackson moderated a Harvard Alumni Association webinar in October. During that session, Jackson oriented the discussion around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, which is an outgrowth of CRT scholarship.

For conservatives, Jackson may provide a bit of a bumpy ride, to say the least.

During the webinar, Jackson stated, providing additional leftist dog whistles, “the growing inequality in wealth and access to education in the United States, and various systemic obstacles to social advancement and democratic ideals” is “of particular interest.”

In a speech to college students, Jackson said, “I absolutely know and understand that you will face prejudice and other obstacles that other people in your environment do not have to endure. Life is not fair, and I totally get that the microaggressions that you are observing are real.”

Jackson recalled how a fellow student once hung a Confederate Flag outside his dorm room window. She protested and forced the university into having the flag removed. One has to wonder what other things Jackson will find offensive and advocate for on behalf of fellow travelers that seek to censor speech with which they disagree?

Jackson declares that she finds inspiration in the work of Derrick Bell, who is often called the “godfather of CRT.”

Bell’s book, “Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism,” is a “pioneering contribution to critical race theory scholarship.”

Jackson also champions the work of Bell’s widow, Janet Dewart Bell, another stalwart in the field of CRT. Jackson said, “I have drawn heavily from her excellent insights.”

Biden didn’t nominate Jackson so SCOTUS would “look like America.” He could have done that with the nomination of a right-leaning black woman. He, instead, chose to nominate a woman who doesn’t much care for how America looks.

As a supreme court justice, Jackson will determine if something before the court is constitutional as a supreme court justice. People who speak the way Jackson does often want to rewrite the constitution.

Brace yourselves.