Biden’s Story Continues To Change When It Comes To Hunter

Last Thursday, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, insisted that Hunter had not involved his father in his business dealings or shared profits with him, contradicting earlier allegations tying President Biden to his son’s business ventures.

Lowell vehemently defended Hunter, maintaining that Biden played no part in his son’s previous business ventures and gained no profits from them. Despite this assertion, House Republicans, actively investigating the Biden family, have accused the White House of altering its narrative concerning Biden’s involvement with his son’s businesses.

In 2019, Biden fervently denied ever discussing business matters with his son. However, reports suggest that Eric Schwerin, a longtime business partner of Hunter, managed the senior Biden’s finances throughout the Obama administration. Additional information by Fox News Digital also alleged that then-Vice President Biden met with numerous foreign business associates of Hunter.
This account significantly changed in June when the White House stated that Biden was not “in business” with his son during his vice presidency, which White House officials reiterated in later briefings. House Republicans sent a letter seeking clarity on this altered message, but it was ignored.

Further controversy has arisen from claims made by Hunter in text messages and emails from his abandoned laptop. Hunter allegedly disclosed in these communications that he had been covering some of his father’s expenses for over a decade, a claim that has garnered backlash from House Republicans.

House Democrats have acknowledged that Schwerin, Hunter’s former business partner, managed Biden’s finances during his vice presidency. Other revelations from Hunter’s emails, including references to Biden as the “big guy” in an alleged equity split proposal with a CCP-linked energy company, have fueled suspicions regarding Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings.
The House Oversight Committee has presented some of these communications as evidence of Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business affairs, including a WhatsApp message allegedly showing Hunter using his father to pressure a Chinese business partner for a $10M payment.

This collection of allegations and purported evidence prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to announce an impeachment inquiry last week for President Biden. In response, the White House released a memo refuting Republican claims and urged media outlets to intensify scrutiny of these allegations. The White House emphasized the lack of evidence uncovered by House Republicans in their nine-month investigation, labeling the impeachment inquiry as baseless.