Biden’s Off-Script Quip About Children Is Too Far

( )- During a White House event honoring this year’s Teacher of the Year, President Biden said the quiet part out loud, telling the teachers in attendance that when children are in the classroom, “they’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours.”

It’s great that the Democrats aren’t afraid to admit that they think children don’t belong to their parents.

It gives Republicans a significant edge in the upcoming midterms.

But you would think after Terry McAuliffe’s blunder during the 2021 Virginia election, Biden’s speechwriters would have used more care to avoid letting the senile old man make the same blunder during the 2022 elections.

In the Marist poll released last week, Joe Biden has an abysmal 29 percent approval rating among parents with children under the age of 18. A staggering 61 percent disapprove of the president.

Biden telling teachers that children are “like yours” when they’re in the classroom isn’t going to help those numbers one bit.

The president also used the White House event to attack Republican states for passing laws preventing race essentialism and sexualized instruction in grade schools, claiming that Republicans are making teachers “the target of culture wars.”

The latest Susquehanna poll released last week found that 70 percent of respondents support laws prohibiting public schools from offering instruction in sexuality or gender identity to elementary school children.


But Joe Biden has no choice. The Democrat Party is inextricably bound to teachers’ unions. It’s why Biden’s CDC allowed the unions to determine school closures and masks policies. No amount of bad polling, voter anger, or rebelling parents will get the Democrats to abandon the unions.

And that will cost them in November.