Biden’s Money Trail To Be Put Under Investigation

( )- Republican Representative James Comer from Kentucky, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said this week that he has plans to probe the financial ties of President Joe Biden’s family.

To that end, Comer said he would investigate donations that have been made to the Penn Biden Center and look into who has purchased the artwork of Hunter Biden, who is the president’s son.

Comer has sent requests for various documents and information to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the University of Pennsylvania, the White House and other people as well.

Recently, he told The Washington Examiner that he would be sending additional similar requests shortly, and that he is also completely willing to issue subpoenas for the information he wants to obtain if he has to.

In speaking with the Examiner recently, Comer said:

“We’re trying to trace the money. We’ll be looking at bank statements. We’ll be looking at bank violations. That’s the next phase of our investigation because we’re trying to figure out who these anonymous sources are that are sending so much money to the Biden family schemes — the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Hunter Biden’s artwork.”

The Penn Biden Center found itself in the headlines last week when it was revealed that an office Biden had there in Washington, D.C., was housing some classified documents that came from the period when Biden served as vice president during the Obama administration.

The center is a think tank that’s associated with the University of Pennsylvania. It has received millions of dollars from foreign entities as donations, which includes about $60 million from entities based in China.

Hunter Biden is an artist who’s trying to make a name for himself in the industry. Some of his works have been put up for sale, but many ethics experts have said it’s a violation for the president.

Still, the White House has dismissed all allegations that they have influenced others to purchase his pieces, or that people who have purchased his pieces are trying to gain favor with the president, his family or members of the Biden administration. Some of his pieces have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2022, the gallery that displayed Hunter’s work as well as the White House both said there were safeguards in place to ensure that there weren’t any illegal breaches or ethical concerns in place.

Yet, Jessica Tillipman, who serves as George Washington University Law School’s assistant dean for government procurement law, commented:

“It is not a true safeguard. They say it is, but saying it doesn’t mean it is.”

Instead, she believes that they need to enact a policy that would be very transparent. She added:

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant, or you have just got to shut it down.”

Comer has long been a critic of the art career that Hunter is pursuing, especially since he’s been able to land such huge prices for his work. Back in 2021, he said:

“For years, Mr. Biden has attempted to profit off his father’s position in government, and the art deals are merely the latest iteration of these efforts. The investigation into Mr. Biden’s business ventures, and those who have aided him in his dubious endeavors, has been ongoing for over two years, and, if necessary, will continue into the next Congress.”