Biden’s DOJ Unveils New Gun Control Plan

( )- President Joe Biden ran on the promise of restricting America’s gun rights and implementing new gun laws, and he appears to be delivering on that promise.

The Department of Justice announced on June 7 a new policy that would apply strict new regulations to pistol and rifles that are equipped with stabilizing equipment. It’s an effort to ultimately ban or restrict the sale of what the White House calls “assault weapons.”

Under the proposed rule, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive would be given the right to determine on an individual basis with a gun, if configured with stabilizing equipment, appears to become a firearm that is “designed and intended to be fired from the shoulder.”

Basically, the federal government would be able to describe rifles and pistols as “assault weapons” and restrict them according to the National Firearms Act, even if those weapons are not “assault weapons.”

The use of the “stabilizing brace,” the new rule says, should not be used to circumvent the National Firearms Act and the ban on sales or possession of short-barreled rifles.

What the Biden administration fails to recognize, however, is that the stabilizing braces are actually designed to improve the accuracy and stability of guns and not to circumvent legislation.

Further model legislation was also put forward by Biden’s Department of Justice which is designed to make it simpler for states to establish new “red flag laws.” It would encourage other states to pass red flag laws that would bar people temporarily from accessing or owning firearms if they are flagged for various reasons as a possible risk to society.

Family members and anybody else who is familiar with a specific individual would be able to petition a court to ban that person from accessing a gun legally if they believe that they pose a danger to other people.

The insane system could potentially result in far-left extremists petitioning courts all over the country to restrict the rights of conservatives to access guns, therefore infringing their Second Amendment rights.

So far these are only proposed policies…so we’ll have to see how successful Biden is with getting them through Congress.