Biden’s DOCTOR Tells What’s Wrong – Reveals What Biden Has…

( )- Since catching COVID-19, President Joe Biden’s health has significantly improved. His main symptom a few days ago was a scratchy throat, according to his doctor’s assessment.

According to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, in a document made public by the White House, Biden’s cough and body pains have subsided since he tested positive for the coronavirus last Thursday, and he is not suffering any shortness of breath. Biden’s temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure, and pulse all fell within normal ranges.

In appearances with “Fox News Sunday” and ABC’s “This Week,” White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha stated that none of Biden’s 17 recognized close contacts have yet tested positive for the coronavirus.
Since his diagnosis, which occurred as a highly dangerous coronavirus subvariant, is driving a fresh wave of cases in the United States, Biden, 79, has only experienced minor symptoms. According to O’Connor’s statement on Saturday, genetic sequencing revealed that a subvariant known as BA.5 was probably the root of Biden’s ailment.

Biden had an upper respiratory illness, Jha said on Sunday’s episode of “Face the Nation” on CBS.
Reports show Biden finished his five-day Paxlovid regimen and spent five full days in isolation before testing negative on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday morning, according to White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

He hasn’t had a temperature in the last 36 hours, and O’Connor noted that he hadn’t taken any acetaminophen. His symptoms are nearly gone.
According to O’Connor, the president will wear a well-fitting mask for ten days each time he is around others.
The president would increase his testing frequency because of the possibility of so-called rebound COVID infection found in some patients treated with Paxlovid.
Biden’s chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, claimed he experienced a “Paxlovid rebound” after taking the antiviral to recover from COVID-19.

He claimed that the symptoms he experienced following his completion of treatment were worse than those he initially experienced from the coronavirus.