Biden’s Disapproval Rating Peaks Amid Multiple Crisis

As the 80-year-old incumbent president campaigns for a second term in office, a new poll shows that Biden’s disapproval rating is at an alarmingly low percentage.

According to a CNBC poll published on Wednesday, 58% of Americans do not like how Biden is doing his job as president.

The president’s handling of the economy and foreign affairs got very low grades (32% and 31% approval, respectively).

Sixty-six percent of Democrats surveyed agree with his handling of foreign affairs, while seventy-four percent agree with his economic performance. These numbers are significantly below his overall approval rating among members of his party (81%) by a wide margin.

Micah Roberts, a Republican pollster, said when your approval rating drops below 40%, you’ve already lost a significant portion of your support. According to the pollster, these are very worrying numbers for a president running for reelection.

Democratic pollster Jay Campbell expressed concern over Biden’s low support among young people, minorities, and Latinxs.

Campbell speculated that people lost faith in the president because they ran out of patience.

The survey revealed that if Biden and former president Donald Trump faced off, Trump would win by 4 points and Biden would lose by 2. The results showed that the 77-year-old former president received 46% of the vote, while the incumbent received 42%.

A survey taken between October 11 and October 15 indicated that 74% of Americans feel that the US government should provide military aid for Israel in the wake of Israel’s declaration of war against Hamas militants.

In addition, 39% of respondents thought US policy should side with the Israelis, while only 6% said it should support the Palestinians, and 36% said it should be neutral.

Only 42% of respondents to a Quinnipiac survey published on Tuesday said they agree with President Biden’s response to the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7. The study found that 55% of Americans view US policies toward Israel.

According to Quinnipiac, 56% of voters disapprove of Biden.

On Wednesday, while in Israel, President Biden pledged $100 million in humanitarian help for the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and said he intended to urge Congress for an unprecedented military aid package for the Jewish state.