Biden Under Fire After Newly Released Photos

( )- You’d think after months of mockery over the fake White House stage set the Biden administration constructed in the Executive Office building, they’d stop using it for Joe Biden’s pretend White House meetings.

But they just keep using it and they keep getting mocked.

A couple of weeks ago, old Joe held a roundtable meeting about the current supply chain problems, and through the phony windows that usually show the White House grounds were images of shipping containers.

The mockery of Joe’s phony stage set began in October when the White House staged a photo-op of Biden receiving his booster shot. In the photos, Joe is seated in front of a window showing the White House grounds.

But when a “behind the scenes” photo was released showing it was nothing but a stage set with green-screen windows projecting outdoor scenes, social media exploded in mockery and derision over the phony president and his pretend White House.

After the “behind the scenes” photo went viral on social media, Politifact felt it necessary to rush to the White House’s defense in a fact-check titled, “No, White House didn’t create fake set just for Joe Biden’s booster shot.”

But people weren’t mocking the pretend White House because they thought it was created solely for the booster shot photo-op. They were mocking it because the White House created a faux White House in the building next door.

Politifact argued that the phony White House stage set had been used five times before – as if that somehow makes it less worthy of mockery. When the joke is how fake this administration is, explaining that they used this fake set all the time doesn’t debunk the mockery; it confirms it.

Politifact’s verdict was the mockery was FALSE. No, the only thing FALSE is Joe Biden’s pretend White House with green-screen windows.

The question remains. Why build a pretend stage set for Joe Biden to hold his meetings when the actual White House has plenty of rooms set up for meetings?

Well, former Trump administration official Stephen Miller suggested last fall that Joe Biden’s dependence on reading off a large-screen monitor conveniently placed off-camera makes it impossible for him to hold his White House meetings in the actual White House.