Biden Turns 81 Amid Controversy Over Age

On his 81st birthday, President Joe Biden will be joined by six of his grandkids at a celebration in Nantucket.

Before Joe Biden took the oath of office at the age of 78, the record for oldest president was held by Ronald Reagan. Now that Biden establishes a new record for age every year he is in office, it will surely be a defining issue in the 2024 campaign.

Numerous surveys have shown that the American people are pretty worried about his capacity to serve a second term until he retires at 86. According to the most recent survey by Yahoo News and YouGov, Americans were equally worried by Biden’s age and former President Trump’s 91 felony convictions.

Biden’s quarterly approval percentage is lower than all but one of the post-WWI presidents, according to Gallup’s polling, which belongs to President Harry S. Truman. Jimmy Carter was the only president to top him, with an average approval rating of 31.4%. The approval rating for Biden dropped to 37% in October from 41% in September and 40% on average for the last three months. At this stage in his presidency, Trump had an average approval rating of 40.7%.

Biden is three and a half years younger than the Republican former president, Trump, who is 77 years old. After Reagan, Trump became the second-oldest president. In 2024, if Trump were to be re-elected, he may become the second president to be 80 years old, after Biden. But the general public sees Biden’s age as a more significant issue than Trump’s.

According to political analyst Mary-Patricia Wray, who formerly worked for Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, Biden’s extensive experience is both an asset and a disadvantage for an elected politician attempting to win over an increasingly youthful public.

Using the tried-and-true combination of Democratic lawmakers and celebrities as surrogates would help Biden reach a wider audience and amplify his message, according to Democratic political strategist Brendan Martin. To further engage with voters on a human level and showcase the compelling testimony of ordinary Americans who have profited from Biden’s initiatives, he also proposed that the campaign embrace and emphasize their tales.