Biden To Send Pregnant Minors To Abortion Clinics

( )- According to a Department of Health and Human Services document released on Thursday, the Biden administration instructed staff members caring for unaccompanied immigrant children in federal custody to ensure access to abortion by transporting them to states where the practice is permitted.

The letter instructs shelter staff to transfer pregnant unaccompanied migrant girls to regions of the nation that permit abortions. In June, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, allowing individual states to decide whether to permit abortions.

According to HHS, the high court’s ruling influenced its recommendations to guarantee unaccompanied migrant girls’ access to abortions.

Before they arrive in the United States, many migrant children become victims of sexual assault. It’s a problem with long-term effects, a Department of Homeland Security official told the Daily Caller News Foundation on condition of anonymity because they lacked official authorization.

Even just watching violence might have negative impacts. The sounds of a predator preying on anyone will haunt the kids for the rest of their lives, whether they watch it or not. For those who victimize refugees on their journey, there are no penalties. From low-level criminals to officials misusing their positions of responsibility, migrants are victims, according to the DHS official.

HHS continues to assess how the Supreme Court ruling may affect its programs, and as a result, today’s ACF policy and instructions have been modified as appropriate to remain by the law.

According to the HHS Administration for Children and Families, “ACF is committed to ensuring access to basic health care, particularly reproductive health care, for all the populations we serve.”

How many pregnant unaccompanied migrant girls are being held by HHS now is unknown.

“This Field Guidance confirms that ORR employees and care providers shall not restrict UC [Unaccompanied Children] from receiving legal abortion-related services and shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to enable access to such services upon UC request. The document noted that if a minor is currently in a state where abortion is neither legal nor available, this may necessitate moving the minor to a state where it is,” the document noted.

Federal officials at the southern border encountered 152,057 unaccompanied immigrant youngsters during the inflow. Every sexual assault victim is going to be a future casualty of this government, the DHS officer warned.