Biden To Donors: ‘We Can Win Florida’

President Biden traveled to Florida to fundraise in the very heart of Donald Trump’s stomping grounds in late January where he labeled the former president a “loser” and suggested that he could defeat Trump in Florida in 2024, the Associated Press reported.

For his first stop, Biden held a fundraiser less than an hour from Mar-a-Lago at the Pelican Club in the wealthy enclave of Jupiter, Florida.

The president told donors that they were the reason Trump was a “defeated president” and said that they would be the reason Biden would “make him a loser again.”

Biden’s campaign entered 2024 flush with cash and the president is eager to stockpile even more in what is shaping up to be an expensive rematch between him and Donald Trump in November.

Biden followed up the Jupiter fundraiser with an event in Miami hosted by DNC national financial chairman Chris Koge.

The president asked Miami donors to imagine what a “nightmare” it would be if Donald Trump returned to the White House.

While the president raked in over $6 million from the January 30 Miami fundraiser, it is unlikely Florida’s wealthy donors will help Biden carry the state in November. Trump carried Florida in both 2016 and 2020. Since then the number of registered Republicans surpasses the number of registered Democrats for the first time by more than 800,000.

Despite the clear disparity between Republican voters and Democrats in the state, Biden told donors in Jupiter that he believed he could win Florida in 2024.

Trump campaign spokesman Steve Cheung dismissed Biden’s prediction, saying in a statement that the president was “as delusional as Nikki Haley.” Cheung said Americans knew they were better off under Trump than they were under Biden.

Aboard Air Force One, White House spokeswoman Olivia Dalton gave Biden credit for Florida’s economic boom under Governor DeSantis, telling reporters that it was President Biden’s policies that spurred investment in the state and brought Florida’s unemployment rate below the national average.

Florida Republican Party Chairman Evan Power said in a statement that the president could visit the state “all he wants” but while he was there he should learn something “from the policies here that are working.” Power said the state GOP looked forward to “retiring” Biden “and his failed administration” in the November election.