Biden Tells Paralympians “Don’t Jump” During Photo Op

( )- Remember during the 2008 election when, while campaigning in Missouri, Obama’s running mate Joe Biden told a wheelchair-bound state lawmaker to “Stand up, Chuck?”

If you don’t remember, watch the clip HERE.

Well, last week at the White House old Joe did something just as stupid.

Last week, during a White House event honoring the US Paralympic athletes who competed in the Beijing Winter and Tokyo Summer games, the gaffe-tastic president was posing for a photo with several athletes, including some who were in wheelchairs, when he said, “Don’t jump.”

Now, it isn’t clear whom Biden was talking to when he said “Don’t Jump.” But given his “stand up, Chuck” comment, don’t be surprised if old Joe was directing his remarks to the wheelchair-bound athletes.

Too bad the Easter Bunny wasn’t there to keep Joe in line.

The other absurd remark Joe made during the Paralympic event was when he told the athletes that they have helped him “unite the country.” If the Paralympic athletes have united the country, they accomplished it, not with the help of Joe Biden, but despite Joe Biden.

Then again, Joe often takes credit for things he didn’t do while blaming others for the things he has done.