Biden Security Agencies Working For White House Oppose Blacklisting Chinese Govt Tech Firm.

( )- Reports suggest that the nation’s security agencies under the leadership of President Joe Biden are opposing the blacklisting of “Honor,” a Chinese tech company that is a spin-off from the controversial brand “Huawei.”

“Honor” was established as a separate entity after being sold by Huawei in November of 2020. The decision was made to sell off the brand, which primarily deals in cheap smartphones, to skirt sanctions put in place by the Trump administration.

Huawei is a Chinese Communist Party-connected telecommunications company that manufactures smartphones and telecommunications infrastructure technology.

The main purchaser of Honor was Digital China, but various other bodies also purchased a stake in the company, including the Shenzhen City Government. It was part of a $15 billion deal to help Huawei recover losses and ensure the Honor brand could live on after Trump’s sanctions. And despite the company’s continued ties to the Chinese Communist Party, it looks as though Biden’s security officials don’t want to block the brand from selling technology to American consumers.

The Washington Post reported that key security agencies are now “divided” over whether to place Honor on an export blacklist. Under President Donald Trump, it wouldn’t have even been a question.

According to the Post, the main rift is between the Department of Energy and the Pentagon, which both support blacklisting and the State and Commerce Departments which both oppose it.

Why is this even a question?

Why does President Joe Biden want Americans purchasing Chinese-made smartphones with links to the Chinese Communist Party?