Biden Promises To Try Like The Devil With Latest Scheme

( )- Tuesday’s midterm elections failed to deliver the projected Republican Wave. And while the GOP is poised to retake the House, the estimated 20- to 30-seat gain never materialized. At best, the Republicans will hold a one-seat majority in the new Congress.

Buoyed by the news that the Democrats weren’t wiped out in a wave, the White House quickly arranged for President Biden to deliver remarks on Wednesday.

The president took a victory lap declaring that “democracy” had been saved and vowed to push ahead with his unpopular agenda as if losing the House to the Republicans was some sort of mandate to continue pushing his Leftist policies.

When he opened the briefing to questions, Associated Press White House correspondent Zeke Miller asked Biden if he plans to do anything differently to persuade voters to support his radical agenda.

Biden told Miller he would do nothing different, explaining that voters are “finding out what we’re doing” and the more they learn about his agenda, “the more support there is.”

Then why did more Republican voters turn out nationally than Democrats? And why did the voters hand Republicans the House?

This man is delusional.

Biden conceded that there were some things he would like to change and some things he would “add to.”

He boasted of signing a “rational gun policy” this year and then bemoaned the fact that he failed to get his beloved “assault weapons” ban.

Biden told Miller that he would ban “assault” weapons, adding “we’re going to try like the devil.”

While the Democrats retained their majority in the US Senate, without control of the House, Biden is unlikely to get his “assault weapons” ban, even with the help of Lucifer himself.

The initial “assault weapons” ban passed in 1994 expired after ten years. Since then, Democrats have tried and failed to reinstate it.

According to research, during the ten years this ban was in place, it had little effect on violent crime rates in the United States.