Biden Orders Vaccines For All Truckers Entering United States

( )- President Joe Biden is about to make an already terrible supply chain situation worse, having just required all non-American citizens to show proof of vaccination status to enter the United States at land borders.

The insane idea would prevent unvaccinated Mexican and Canadian truck drivers from entering the United States, and according to logistics expert Ross Kennedy, it could result in a loss of 130,000 loads of cargo per month.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the new policy on January 22, stating that all non-U.S. individuals entering via land ports of entry or ferry terminates across Northern and Southern borders must be fully vaccinated ‚Äď which includes receiving the third booster shot.

Controversial Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the restrictions apply to non-U.S. citizens traveling for both non-essential and essential reasons.

Everyone crossing the border must verbally attest their status and show proof of their status as well as their passports and other relevant documents that may be requested by Customs and Border Protection.

According to Ross Kennedy, in December of 2021 over one million trucks crossed into the United States from Canada and Mexico. The trucks carried roughly 40 billion pounds of cargo.

He added that with estimates of 13% of Canadian and Mexican drivers not being vaccinated, around 130,000 loads per month could disappear from this month.

President Biden could literally cause food shortages and drive inflation even higher with this single, disastrous policy.