Biden Officials To AXE Criminal Charges…

( )- President Joe Biden’s extreme stance on illegal immigration is becoming even more extreme, with reports revealing that the White House is planning to once again slash deportations of illegal aliens by allowing federal prosecutors to simply drop cases against illegal aliens.

According to a leaked internal memo obtained by BuzzFeed News (yes, BuzzFeed still just about exists), the Biden administration only wants federal prosecutors to move forward with cases against illegal aliens if they are considered a “public safety threat.”

It’s a standard that’s hard to define, as deciding who is and is not a public safety threat can be entirely subjective – and it’s also not always clear who may or may not be dangerous out of the population of illegal aliens who poured across the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office in 2021.

A spokesperson for ICE claimed that the memo “renews the commitment of all ICE attorneys, in exercising their inherent prosecutorial discretion authority, to advance the interests of justice and build public confidence in our immigration system.”


Seriously, what?

How will allowing illegal aliens to go free “build public confidence” in the immigration system?

The same spokesperson said that the memo is consistent with “sanctuary country” orders put in place by the Biden administration, which effectively stopped border officials from being able to deport millions of illegal aliens.

According to Breitbart News, unreleased ICE data also shows that the Biden administration has so far arrested 48% fewer convicted criminals who are in the country illegally, and even conducted 63% fewer deportations for those same people.

It means that deportations are going down while illegal immigration is going up, and there’s no sign that the problem is getting any better.

The policies are representative of the extreme message pushed by the Democrats in recent years, but may also be a clever way of setting up Republicans in the future to look even more hateful than the Democrats already portray them to be.

Do you think it will be easy for the Republicans to deport huge numbers of illegal aliens in the future without being compared – once again – to Nazi Germany? Even though they’re illegal aliens?