Biden Makes Wager Regarding Sports

( )- President Joe Biden and left-wing Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, attempted to appear fun, light-hearted, and normal on Twitter on Monday, agreeing to a wager over the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup is a tournament in the National Hockey League, so unsurprisingly it was the Canadian Prime Minister who initiated the wager. He tweeted to the President of the United States that the Canadian and American teams were facing off against one another, and asked for a “friendly wager.”

The Biden Twitter account, almost certainly run by a Biden staffer and not by the president himself, said, “You’re on pal.”

The tweet also used the #GoBolts hashtag.

What do you think the chances are that President Biden knows or cares about the American hockey team? Come on, man…

The Canadian team was hoping to extend its record of having the most Stanley Cup wins.

The terms of the bet aren’t clear…because the bet probably isn’t actually happening.

Tampa Bay Lightning is looked to win a third Stanley Cup since their first win in 1993.

When Donald Trump was president, it wasn’t hard for him to appear like a normal person – even though he was a multi-billionaire. His tweets were hilarious the people supported him so strongly that they just turned out in record numbers to see him at a rally in Ohio.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and his Canadian counterpart have to resort to fake bets to look personable and funny.