Biden Makes Major Mistake Regarding Vaccines On Air

( )- Even before his brain started turning to mush, Joe Biden seemed to have a difficult time understanding how websites work.

After President Obama placed the bungling Biden in charge of the trillion-dollar “Stimulus Bill,” Biden appeared on the CBS Early Show to promote the so-called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” Joe was asked about the website people could visit to learn about the Stimulus, but the totally unprepared Biden didn’t know it – asking off camera if anyone had the website number.

Website number?

And who can forget Joe’s bungling moment in one of the Democrat debates last year when he instructed people to go to Joe 30330?

What do you expect? The guy is six thousand years old and thinks people still have record players. Comprehending text messenging and URLs is way outside of his comfort zone.

So it shouldn’t come as a galloping surprise that now, as President, Joe Biden still can’t wrap his head around a simple website address.

Yeah. It’s, not

What makes that especially embarrassing of course is President Biden was reading off a teleprompter. The website was printed on the screen for crying out loud. But even with the correct URL printed in great big letters on the screen in front of him, Joe Biden still screws it up.

The funny thing is, this isn’t even the first time he got that stupid vaccine website wrong. In May, Joe referred to it as “vaccines dot gum,” then he corrected himself and said “vaccines dot gov,” then he repeated “vaccines dot gum.”

Oy, vey.

Again, while reading it off a screen.

Speaking of reading off the screen, back in May, Biden pronounced the word “vaxed” as “Vax Ed.”

Is it really a surprise that America’s enemies are so emboldened right now?

The President of the United States is a confused, barely-there imbecile incapable of successfully reading words off a teleprompter.

The American corporate media might do their level best to pretend there is nothing wrong with this man. But America’s enemies and our allies aren’t gullible fools. They can see it for themselves.