Biden Makes Bizarre Error in Fourth of July Speech Over Obama

In a series of media interviews on July 4, President Biden made a number of chaotic, confusing, and just strange remarks, such as asserting that traffic gridlock is no longer an issue and claiming that he had been the first black woman to hold office alongside a black president.

Biden often switches to several unrelated subjects in the middle of a sentence and does not return to his original thought. 

The debate appearance on June 27th versus former President Donald Trump solidified many’s views about Biden’s age and mental acuity, which threaten to derail his reelection campaign. 

Biden’s appearances are unlikely to resolve these concerns.

Biden’s interview with a black radio station in Philadelphia on July 5th was a mess.  It was part of the White House’s effort to reassure Americans that he is still qualified to govern the country.

He briefly attempted to discuss his time working for Obama and then announced Vice President Kamala Harris as his running partner. He then said that he was honored to be the first black woman to serve as Vice President alongside a black president.

In another part of the conversation, Biden claimed that he was the first President to be elected statewide in Delaware when he was in his youth.

He went on to draw parallels between his choice to run on the basis of his Catholic faith and the fight for black freedom that ensued after the Civil War, citing the anti-Catholic prejudice that afflicted John F. Kennedy over sixty years ago.

Attending the formal Fourth of July event at the White House, Biden even more perplexingly welcomed visitors with “Happy Independence Day!” and  “Ho, ho, ho!”

Biden departed the stage after his comments, to the accompaniment of the chant “Four more years!” just to come back and seize the microphone to insist that DC traffic is now completely under control.

While leaving, he said he remembered thinking that highway congestion was a constant problem while I was a senator. Congestion has been eliminated. According to him, there is no traffic on the highway. 

If the DNC runs Kamala Harris instead of Biden as president, it is still a struggle. According to a July 5th poll, former President Donald Trump leads her more than he leads Biden.  

Trump leads Harris by seven in a general election poll.