Biden Loses Hispanic Support

( According to a survey by Quinnipiac on Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s support rating among Hispanic voters has dropped to 19 percent.

The study involved 1,523 people in the United States. It showed that Hispanics are the demographic group that is least likely to approve of Biden. Only 19 percent of Hispanic respondents approved of how Biden handled the economy, 23 percent agreed with his handling of foreign affairs, 45 percent liked how he responded to the coronavirus, and 22 percent approved of how he handled gun violence.

According to the findings of the poll, Hispanic respondents appeared to have a preference for former President Donald Trump over Biden. Of these respondents, 38 percent held a favorable view of Trump. In the upcoming midterm elections, this group also preferred Republicans, with 45 percent desiring Republican control of the Senate and 43 percent preferring Democratic control.

This demographic also had more positive views of the Supreme Court than Biden: 32 percent of Hispanic respondents approved of how the court was handling its job, whereas only 17 percent of black and 42 percent of white respondents approved of how the court was handling its job. Biden’s approval rating was 29 percent.

According to the results of the study, white voters (29 percent) and black voters (61 percent) are more likely to have a favorable opinion of Biden than Hispanic voters (61 percent).

Biden has performed poorly in other recent surveys, reaching an all-time low in economic approval ratings on Monday and continuously polling poorly among Hispanics. Biden’s popularity rating with Republicans is also at an all-time low. In the election of 2020, he received 63 percent of the vote cast by Hispanics, but his favor rating within this population has been progressively falling.

The survey was taken from the 14th to the 18th of July, with an error margin of 2.5 percent.

According to a recent survey in June of 2022, Joe Biden’s support among black voters, a significant portion of his base, has declined since the spring of 2021.

Sixty-six percent of respondents claimed that Biden is “sympathetic to the challenges of Black people in our nation,” a decrease of 8% from the 74 percent who said the same thing in June 2020, according to the survey. In the 2022 poll, 32% responded “no,” compared to 23% in the 2020 Washington Post poll.