Court Throws Out Gas Deal With Biden “Link”

( )- The Israeli Supreme Court thew out a gas deal with Biden, according to Newsmax. The court reportedly threw out all legal challenges in an agreement its caretaker government made with Lebanon. A petition was reportedly filed earlier in October by the Lavi organization for citizens’ rights that required the parliamentary approval on the U.S.-brokered deal with Lebanon, giving the Israeli government just four days before the national election to respond.

Jerusalem Correspondent Daniel Cohen, reporting for Newsmax, updated the situation on the role that the Biden administration played in the controversial deal in which the U.S. brokered the delineation of a maritime border between Israel and Lebanon.

The deal was drafted by mediator and former U.S. Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy AffairsAmos Hochstein which “would allow energy production from the offshore Karish gas field, which is the crux of the dispute between the two nations,” according to Breitbart.

Cohen alleged that the U.S.’s envoy praised the agreement and the administration “pressured” Israel’s lame duck government into agreeing to the deal with Lebanon without seeking approval from the Knesset first, before a new government was elected in.

Following the deal, the Israeli Supreme Court threw out four legal challenges to the deal without any explanation, according to the Jerusalem correspondent. The country’s constitution states that a vote is mandatory before Israel can “give up” sovereign territory and is leaving conservatives to fight against the current lame duck left wing government. Should the deal go through, hundreds of thousands of square miles of gas rich waters will be forked over to Lebanon.

Professor Eugene Kontorovich, of the Kohelet Policy Forum, one of the organizations challenging the decision, said that the claim being made is that Israel does not have a right to this territory, which he implies is not so surprising because all of Israel’s territory is disputed by its surrounding neighbors.

“Israel’s neighbors don’t recognize its existence…so this was a deal pressured by the Biden administration and grabbed on by a weak interim Israeli government that was intimidated both by Biden and by Hezbollah,” Kontorovich said.