Biden In Major Denial Over Trump Polls

Joe Biden doesn’t want to hear it when challenged about his slumping poll numbers. Biden’s denial of his challenging polling situation, head to head with Trump, was displayed Sunday as he left his campaign offices in Wilmington, Delaware. A reporter asked about being in second place. Biden told him the media was looking at “the wrong polls.”

Almost symbolically, shortly after, an automobile and an SUV carrying Biden’s security detail were involved in a collision.

The popularity of Joe Biden has been declining for months. According to a recent poll by The Wall Street Journal, 61% of people are unhappy with Biden’s performance, while 37% are satisfied.

Former Obama advisor David Axelrod joined the chorus of those who called Biden’s poll results a “very, very gloomy” moment in his reelection campaign.

However, Biden puts his fingers in his ears and hums a happy tune. Perhaps that’s because polling showed he was losing in 2020, but somehow, he garnered the most votes in American history.

Reporters “don’t read the polls,” Biden told reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on November 9.

In all seven swing states, including two outside the margin of error, a Bloomberg/Morning Consult survey published on Thursday indicated that Trump is leading Biden by five points.

According to a new poll from Emerson College, Trump is ahead of Biden by four points.

Although only 35% of respondents in the 18–24 age bracket approved of Biden, his overall approval rating was 41%.

Surveys reveal many people have a good impression of Trump’s past presidency. This presents Biden with the difficult task of increasing his favorable ratings while simultaneously countering Trump’s.

Monmouth University and CNBC issued surveys of American adults this week. Biden’s popularity ratings were recorded in the mid-30s, and his disapproval ratings were in the low 60s. These are the lowest scores for Biden in both polls since he became president.