Biden Has Suddenly Stopped Busing Illegals To Florida Under Ron DeSantis

( )- According to Governor Ron DeSantis (R), Florida hasn’t yet moved any illegal immigrants out of the state because President Biden stopped sending them.

Following Florida’s warnings and recently enacted immigration law, DeSantis reportedly noted that Biden has yet to bus illegal immigrants to Florida. He also mentioned that other states, particularly Texas, have been busing illegal immigrants to blue states like Washington, DC, and New York.

The governor said that Biden had not sent anyone to Florida, but he ships kids across the country at various hours of the night and dumps them all around, which he finds pretty careless.

DeSantis attributes the paucity of immigrants sent to Florida to how Texas has responded to the Biden administration’s immigration policies – by bussing the immigrants back to the blue states.

The governor said sending busloads of immigrants to New York, D.C. and Delaware will potentially cause a policy change.

Texas has taken the lead in compelling sanctuary states and cities to take control of the migrant situation, forcing Democrat elites to handle it as it affects their state.

Mayor of New York City Eric Adams (D), who professes to be committed to welcoming immigrants “with open arms,” remarked, “This is awful when you think about what the governor is doing.”

He has even threatened Texas with reprisal, saying earlier this month that he is “seriously thinking” of sending New Yorkers by bus to knock on doors there in revenge.

DeSantis’ comments come after he signed a bill over the summer that partly fines federal contractors for dumping undocumented immigrants in the state. DeSantis has often hinted at sending illegal immigrants to safe havens.

He warned that the state would fund reroute illegal immigrants to “places like Delaware and other sanctuary states” in June. “The contractors are going to get penalized if they dump illegal aliens in Florida from the border,” he added.

Ex-NYC Mayor David Paterson called Abbott’s busing decision “one of the most brilliant political moves he’s heard in a long time.”

“I vote Democratic. And there are a number of things about what he is doing that I find objectionable. But occasionally you have to give your opponent credit,” the former governor reportedly stated, as quoted by the New York Post.