Biden Gets Lowest Job Approval Rating Since Taking Office

( )- Amidst a border crisis, an Iran crisis, and an inflation crisis, it should probably come as no surprise that President Joe Biden isn’t doing so fantastically in the polls.

A new poll from Gallup released on Friday reveals that the president’s approval ratings have hit a new low of 50% – and there are already suspicions that those numbers are artificially inflated anyway.

Do you really believe that 50% of America actually supports what President Biden is doing, when the nation is experiencing an economic, employment, and security crisis?

If you’re wondering how approval ratings can be artificially inflated, then the process is simple: it’s simply a matter of Trump supporters not responding to the polls. The “shy Trump” vote effect was seen in both the 2016 and 2020 election, and saw larger numbers of people turning out to vote for Donald Trump than what the polls had indicated. This effect is caused by Trump voters typically refusing to engage with pollsters.

The president’s approval rating has dropped by six percentage points between June and the latest survey, which was taken between July 6 and 21. Some 1,007 American adults were questioned in the survey.

It turns out that the primary reason Biden is performing badly in the polls is inflation – the rising cost of living, the rising cost of products, and the rising cost of services.

You noticed that the price of gas is almost double what it was a year ago in many places, right?

The poll also found that a rising number of COVID-19 cases and a slowing rate of vaccination are also hurting President Joe Biden, after he promised to vaccinate 70% of America by July 4. And failed.

Just 12% of Republicans gave Biden a positive job approval rating, while 90% of Democrats were positive about his work. Most importantly, however, Biden is slipping with independent voters. Only 48% of non-affiliated voters said that they have a positive opinion about Biden’s work so far.

If the independents don’t like Biden, and Republicans don’t like Biden, and only the Democrats are cheering him on…that tells us that Biden is not the popular president he tries to paint himself as.

We all knew that already, though, didn’t we?