Biden Gets Brutal Report Card on His Performance

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink in the polls as he begins his presidential reelection campaign in 2024. 

The NORC Center for Public Affairs Research along with the Associated Press are reporting a new poll that shows only 33 percent of potential voters responded approvingly to the president’s handling of the economy, and just 24 percent feel America is in good economic shape. 

Biden’s lack of economic approval can be traced to a sluggish housing market, higher-than-average inflation, and the threat of the American government defaulting on its debt obligations. 

Biden fails to fare better on other “hot button” issues such as immigration and gun safety, where he garners only 31 percent approval. 

Despite the many negatives, Biden has managed to maintain a 40 percent overall approval rating for the past eighteen months. Half of Democrats disapprove of Biden’s gun policies and his immigration positions. 

One poll respondent said that with home mortgage interest rates at 6.9 percent, home ownership is out for them until rates come down. A West Texas woman expressed dissatisfaction with Biden for not bringing a fairer immigration policy forward. 

Biden recently attended the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, where discussions regarding the Russian-Ukraine invasion and its economic impact were a hot topic among the leaders. 

The US debate over the increase in the US debt ceiling was also mentioned frequently at the summit. A possible default in early June could impact the global economy negatively. Biden canceled trips to Australia and Papua New Guinea to return to America to continue the debt negotiations with Republicans. 

Democrats are also showing their displeasure with President Biden where only 61 percent give him positive marks for the economy, yet seventy-five favor him overall. Thirty-six percent of Democrats feel the economy is headed in the right direction versus 7 percent on the Republican side. On the economy, 41 percent of Democrats are happy, against seven percent of Republicans who feel the economy is getting increasingly worse.

Many Democrats feel the main issue is the lack of bipartisanship in Congress.