Biden Falsely Claims Involvement In Civil Rights Movement

During the White House ceremony authorizing the establishment of a national monument to Emmet Till, President Biden once again repeated the lie that he was part of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

In his remarks, Biden claimed that he “came out of the civil rights movement” both as a child and a public defender. Ironically, the president shared this false tidbit after declaring that “telling the truth” is “important.”

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement.

According to the Washington Times, the first time he ran for president, Biden admitted in 1987 that he never marched for equality and was not involved in the civil rights movement.

The then-1988 Democrat candidate conceded that while he was “very concerned” about civil rights in the 1960s, he was “not an activist.”

To justify the false claim, Biden said at the time that when he was working at an “all-black swimming pool” in Wilmington he “was involved in what they were thinking” and “feeling.” However, he admitted that he wasn’t “out marching” and did not go to Selma, Alabama, or “anywhere else.” He described himself as a “suburbanite kid” who “got a dose of exposure” to what blacks in his city were experiencing.

But like many Biden false tales that he previously admitted were false, the president can’t stop repeating the lie that he “came out of the civil rights movement.”

In his Labor Day remarks last September, President Biden claimed that he was “very engaged” in the civil rights movement in the sixties and “worked a lot in the movement.”

Likewise, while running for president in 2020, Biden told the NAACP that he participated in desegregating restaurants in the 1960s. However, there is no evidence that he ever did.

According to the Washington Times, Biden has also repeatedly claimed that he was arrested fighting for civil rights in the 1960s. While speaking at Moorehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, Biden claimed that he “was there” during the civil rights movement and he can remember “the first time I got arrested” like it was yesterday.

Biden had previously admitted to CNN in 2020 that he was never arrested, only “stopped.”