Biden Claims He Would Be “Fortunate” If Trump Runs

( )- Last week in Brussels, President Biden put aside the long-held principle that presidents should leave politics at the water’s edge.

During his press conference in Brussels last Thursday, a German reporter began a question by noting that in Europe there are “widespread concerns” that someone like Donald Trump might get elected president again. The reporter asked if the president was doing anything to prevent Biden’s actions from being “undone two years from now.”

Two years from now? Does this reporter know something Biden doesn’t? Is the European press assuming Joe Biden won’t be reelected in 2024? Well, they can read the US polls too and they know it’s not looking good for old Joe.

Rather than leave politics at the water’s edge, Biden told the reporter that he’s been “dealing with foreign policy for longer than anybody” and he had no concerns about that.

Then he recounted how he had no intention of running for President again until he saw the torch-bearing protesters in Virginia and Trump saying he thought there were “very good people” on both sides. And that, the babbling nitwit explained, was what made him decide “I wasn’t going to be quiet any longer.”

Yeah. He repeated the “very fine people” hoax that has been debunked for years.

Biden then claimed that he isn’t focusing on the 2024 election. Instead, he is focusing on making sure Democrats keep control of Congress so he has room to do the things he wants to do to “grow the economy” and “be the leader of the free world.”

Does that old coot really believe he’s the “leader of the free world?” That’s hilarious.

Not done with attacking the opposing party in the US, Biden then asked the German reporter to imagine what it would be like to watch the German Bundestag getting stormed by people and having police officers killed. “How would you feel?”

Can you believe this guy? He lies about Trump calling Nazis “very fine people” and he lies about police officers being killed during the January 6 riot, all from a stage in Brussels.

He then boasted that no European leader would ever say old Joe wasn’t up to the job, “and I mean that sincerely.”

Then, wrapping up his meandering, highly partisan response, Biden joked that he would be “very fortunate if I had that same man running against me” in 2024.

Watch the segment HERE.