Biden Can Barely Walk in Newly Released Video

According to video reports at Windsor Castle, President Joe Biden visited with King Charles III and seemed to use the king as a walking aid.  Biden seemed confused as he wandered about and examined the King’s guard. 

But then things went from bad to worse when Biden tried to chat with a member of the King’s Royal Guards, which are forbidden from speaking to anybody other than members of the royalty.

According to a report, it was Biden’s first trip to the United Kingdom since King Charles III was crowned earlier this year. The visit is meant to kick off a week of diplomacy across Europe during which the Biden administration plans to address climate change and the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

Biden paused to speak to a soldier at the end of the line during the Inspection of the soldier outside Windsor Castle after he and the queen had exchanged pleasantries.

Video clips show that while President Biden was still talking, King Charles was seen attempting to pull Biden away from the guard. Biden looked between the king and the guard before finally deciding to leave the line of soldiers and go with the king.

Many on Twitter saw this as just another example of horrible optics caused by the president’s dependence on a handler.

Media outlets reported that on the first full day of his European tour, President Joe Biden visited London to meet with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Before a crucial NATO conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, the conflict in Ukraine was at the top of President Biden and Prime Minister Sunak’s agenda. However, Biden has already said that the conflict must stop before the alliance’s leaders can consider inviting Ukraine to join. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made it plain he does not favor the United States providing Ukraine with cluster bombs to aid in its military war against Russia, so this meeting comes as a bit of a surprise.