Biden Becoming Increasingly Upset Behind Closed Doors

As his re-election campaign takes a nosedive in battleground states like Georgia and Michigan due to his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, President Biden’s frustration and anxiety levels are rising.

Allegations surfaced in January that he resorted to “shouting and swearing” at a meeting in response to this news. Biden allegedly lost his cool because he felt underappreciated.

For a long time, Biden felt that the economy, which had added 15 million jobs, wasn’t receiving enough credit.

Behind closed doors, he constantly nags his assistants to promote certain aspects of his achievements in various states. Reportedly, he has protective aides who try to keep him from making any more mistakes because his mental acuity has been called into doubt due to many mishaps, misspeaks, and gaffes.

Biden’s annoyance results from his fellow Democrats worrying about his youth and vitality. Previous accounts indicate that he has routinely convened many private gatherings with his major contributors to allay their fears over the 2024 race. The White House was the site of at least six separate sessions, with four to eight participants in each. One of several topics discussed was how to deal with Trump’s surging candidacy.

Hillary Clinton, who has stated that Biden’s age is problematic and that people have the right to examine it, shares the concerns of his leading backers and other notable Democrats.

Democrats have seen the 2024 campaign tank and are increasingly worried as the current president fights to gain momentum against his vanquished predecessor. The party’s frustrations have reached the highest levels, and Biden has been known to second-guess himself on travel choices and communications tactics.

History tells he may have difficulty getting back on his feet. At this point in the year, Biden’s approval rating of 38% is lower than that of Trump (48%), George H.W. Bush (39%), and Jimmy Carter (43%), the previous three incumbent presidents to lose re-election.

While in private, he will ask his staff to tell him which aspects of his record to emphasize in each state. As a retail politician at heart, the 81-year-old president has chafed under constraints that go against his instincts, and he is surrounded by protective aides who seek to reduce the risks of a blunder.