Biden Attacks Reporters More And More As Popularity Collapses

( )- Over the weekend, Fox News put together a montage of all the times President Joe Biden has lost his cool and lashed out at reporters.

Watch montage HERE.

Joe Biden has always been a hothead. This is nothing new.

His track record of snapping at reporters who ask challenging questions dates back to his first run for the White House in 1988.

But to defeat that meanie Donald Trump, the media spent the 2020 presidential campaign portraying old Joe as the amiable grandfather figure who would bring “decency” and “respect” back to the White House.

It was always a lie.

Even during the campaign, Biden was lashing out at reporters who asked him questions he didn’t like.

For example, when Today Show reporter Savannah Guthrie dared to bring up Joe’s son Hunter and his dirty deals.

Or the time Joe Biden went off on a black interviewer who asked him about taking a cognitive test.

But unlike Donald Trump who directed his insults and attacks at the powerful – politicians, celebrities, and media personalities, Joe Biden is an equal opportunity hothead. He treated ordinary Americans with just as much derision and disdain as he shows reporters. Like the time Joe got angry with a Michigan autoworker, stuck his finger in his face, and told him “you’re full of sh*t.”

Joe Biden was never the amicable grandpa who would usher “decency” and “respect” back into the White House the media claimed he was.

Joe Biden is a hothead with a short fuse who lashes out at anyone who dares to ask him anything more challenging than “what’s your favorite ice cream?”