Biden Asked To Declare Emergency 150 Days After Train Crash

150 days after the East Palestine, Ohio train disaster, Governor Mike DeWine requested an emergency declaration from the Biden administration, according to The Daily Wire. The Norfolk Southern train derailment led to massive sickness in the surrounding neighborhood. The train cars were reportedly carrying toxic chemicals. To prevent an explosion, authorities began a controlled fire. 

As the federal government botched the response to the emergency, residents were reporting sicknesses in their animals, as well as breathing issues in themselves. Residents then began to test positive for cancer-causing toxins. 

DeWine penned a letter to President Biden saying that the state was granted an extension until July 3 to request a “Major Presidential Disaster Declaration.” He added that the state requested additional time as they evaluate long term effects. DeWine states that voluntary support for the disaster may stop in the future and so he is requesting the federal government step in to offer their assistance and resources. 

But earlier on in the year, DeWine revealed that the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) will not assist residents of East Palestine because the disaster did not allegedly qualify as natural, according to The Epoch Times. In the letter, DeWine stated that residents are still reporting medical conditions and continue to be concerned about the quality of the water and air. 

Republican Senator J.D. Vance was videoed checking out a nearby creek bed. Using a stick to move the water around, he exposed toxic chemicals bubbling up. He recommended that residents drink bottled water, despite the federal government saying that the water was safe to drink and the air was safe to breathe. 

DeWine added that residents have not only had to face medical issues but economics issues as well. He said that businesses and homeowners have seen a decline in the value of their properties.