Biden Admin Ruins Golf Tournament

( )- The Masters golf tournament is genuinely like no other. The people running the show take great pride in their “invitation only” event. It’s the only major set at the same golf course year after year. That longevity has allowed them to build an unmistakably unique franchise.

While several features distinguish the Masters, one of the most crucial is its dependability.

When April arrives, golf fans know they can rely on the hardworking staff at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, to deliver an unforgettable experience. Every blade of grass is neatly maintained, and the azaleas are constantly in full bloom. The Masters takes pleasure in producing a competition that is as near to ideal as humanly feasible.

Fans may also expect the same reasonably priced and excellent concessions year after year when they walk into Augusta National’s grounds.

Pimento cheese, egg salad, and chicken salad sandwiches are among the most popular foods on the annual Masters menu. All those items were available again this year, but there was one noteworthy omission from the menu.

Due to “supply chain challenges,” the Masters could not deliver the desired Georgia peach ice cream sandwich.

For many, the Masters without the peach ice cream sandwich is not The Masters. Crowds of attendees revolted!
Twitter users were also enraged, with some speculating that it might jeopardize the tournament as a whole.
Inflation also led the Masters to raise some of its notoriously inexpensive concession costs. Sandwiches like ham and cheese and chicken salad increased by 50 cents apiece. Considering that each sandwich was a mere $3 apiece, that is a significant increase.
Obviously, most public reactions to these situations were hyperbolic for humorous effect. Even if ice cream sandwiches are popular, life will carry on without them. It’s also not the end of the world to pay an extra 50 cents for a sandwich.
But this illustrates the failure of the Biden administration.
With that said, wider supply chain issues throughout the U.S. are far darker.
The Georgia peach ice cream sandwich consists of sugar cookies, ice cream, and Georgia peaches — all items that should be readily available in a developed country.
Have we reached a stage in President Joe Biden’s America when we can no longer expect essential goods to be readily available?
The supply chain crisis is caused by various issues, ranging from coronavirus outbreaks to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But, at the end of the day, Biden is in control, and he has the responsibility of ensuring that Americans have access to bare essentials, like an ice cream sandwich.
Companies are drying up and disappearing because they can’t obtain the materials, commodities, and supplies they need to grow. A businessman like Trump wouldn’t be able to sit by and watch.
He would be doing anything to get the economic engine roaring again.