Biden Admin Deletes Social Media Post Blaming SCOTUS

America has long been looked to as a beacon of freedom, prosperity and opportunity. Millions of individuals try to desperately immigrate legally to the nation each year, and millions more do so illegally. Since president Joe Biden first entered the White House in January of 2021, things have been downright dark in the U.S.. Record levels of inflation brought about by the Presidents irresponsible spending agenda continue to crush the shrinking middle class, and wages have not kept up with inflation. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and a vast majority of the public is not confident of the direction in which the nation is headed. 

Biden is vulnerable as the 2024 general Presidential election remains just a few months away. In an attempt to solidify the support of young voters, Biden has been pushing the controversial plan for student loan forgiveness by the federal government. While the Supreme Court offered resistance to this agenda, Biden has continued his push. His latest plan would completely forgive debts from 30 million people. Biden continues to attempt to court youthful voters, as poll numbers show him in a close race. Following the first presidential debate on June 27th, Biden appeared incompetent.

While many Democrats continue to call for Biden to step down, he has remained steadfast, claiming he is up to the task of defeating Trump a 2nd time and winning re-election. A major Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity allowed Biden to pivot some of the focus off of his performance to these issues, and he has attempted to brand the court as being a threat to “Democracy” after this ruling. A federal district court also ruled on a gas and oil case that went against the president’s climate agenda- on social media, the presidential account inaccurately credited the Supreme Court with this decision- later deleting the post after the error was spotted by many. The election nears ever closer.