Biden Admin Admits “Devastating” Test Score Drop Among Children

New claims of countrywide test results plunging after government lockdowns have been treated with indifference by the Biden administration.

According to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the findings show what the government had suspected- that the pandemic would have a devastating impact on students learning across the country.

Scores in both arithmetic and reading for 13-year-olds have dropped significantly, according to recently revealed data. Reading and math proficiency are both at their lowest points since 2004.

According to Cardona, the White House is aware that it will take enormous investments and efforts to undo the damage and address the declines that preceded it.

While minority and white students reported declines in their math and reading scores, the latter had smaller drops (between 6 and 8 points) than their minority counterparts.

Democrats extended epidemic limitations, such as remote learning and obligatory masking of kids, for years, leading to a drop in exam performance.

New York Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler reiterated last week his support for making children as young as two wear masks during the pandemic, saying it would be child abuse for parents not to do that just because there was no vaccination available for two-year-olds.

Masks do almost little to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, according to one of the most extensive studies on the topic, released earlier this year. However, the Biden administration has always favored kids wearing masks. 

According to testimony from Becerra at a House Education and Labour Committee meeting held in April 2022, masks “should be used” for toddlers in the HHS’s Head Start program, which serves children from low-income families. He said they were not only safe but effective.

The January study included data from 78 randomized control studies that tested the efficacy of face masks in protecting against respiratory infections such as COVID-19 and the flu. The study concluded that wearing a mask “probably makes little or no difference” for the average person.

Nearly half of parents in a 2022 survey felt that having their children wear masks to school harmed their children’s cognitive, emotional, and social growth.