Ben Shapiro Cancels Candice Owens

( )- The Daily Wire, a right-wing Conservative news outlet, is accused of caving to cancel culture by censoring Candace Owens and famed musician Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, according to a report from the news website The National File.

The 2024 election, Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, The Holocaust, and, most significantly, the Daily Wire’s anti-free speech and pro-cancel culture principles were some of the themes tackled in his discussion with podcaster Lex Friedman.

The report shows that Ye explained how they told Candace Owens he couldn’t be on the Daily Wire.  He couldn’t explain himself, and they didn’t care to hear his explanations.

Friedman was surprised they told Candace that Ye couldn’t be on the Daily Wire.

Ye stated that the media is telling him that not only can he not explain himself, but they also don’t care how I got to that place.  You have to apologize, you can’t explain, and that’s the end of the matter.

The report shows the wealthy rapper claimed that Bernard Arnault, CEO of Louis Vuitton, had blocked him from a lucrative agreement with a fashion firm because he was influential with the collective there.

The fashion mogul and well-known rapper criticized Jews and Jewish media for stifling him over the past few weeks in a number of tweets and Instagram posts.  According to reports, Ye threatened to “go def con 3” on Jews in a tweet.

Due to his provocative comments, Ye has had his bank accounts closed, been banned on Instagram and Twitter, and had several contracts terminated.

In the interview with Friedman, Ye remarked that for business people, regardless of their background, there have been some unethical transactions and business practices. That needs to change because this game seems to box in more poor people than rich.

Ye also blasted media personalities and mainstream media outlets for refusing to delve into why he has made such inflammatory comments. He claimed they had done everything they could to make him apologize and look crazy. And not one person has done anything to find out why he was frustrated enough to write that incendiary tweet.